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Professional coaching can make a transformational and long-lasting impact on growth and development. A one-to-one relationship with a coach, who will give you quality attention and deep insight, is often life-changing for those who commit to it.

It is by far the best kind of intervention for speedy, deep, and long-lasting growth.

Coaching is a developmental journey, recognising that people have untapped potential. It aims to help the individual cultivate a greater sense of self awareness, resourcefulness and resilience so they can realise that potential.

When to consider coaching 

Coaching is great in lots of different situations – our offers are tailored around the areas where we’ve found it particularly effective. Scroll down to read more.

We always recommend that you have a rapport call with two or three different coaches before choosing the one you think will suit you best. To get the most out of the relationship, it’s very important to find someone you can work well with.   

Coaching programmes are usually booked in blocks of 12 hours, or in 12 month programmes.

For more information when coaching might help, what it involves and how to get going, read our guide to executive coaching.

Board level executive coaching

A safe professional space to reflect on the challenges of leading a business. It’s an opportunity to explore options, difficulties and ambitions, as well as to be challenged, held to account and receive constructive feedback on leadership impact.

How long does it last?

Usually a minimum of 12 months, lasting several years once you’ve found a good fit.


Leadership coaching

Helping managers and leaders to reflect on their performance as a leader, cultivate new techniques, enhance their impact when working with others and cultivate more success for the business.

How long does it last?

Usually 12 months upwards.


Wellbeing coaching

Difficult and challenging times call for additional support.  Wellbeing coaching is helpful for transitions such as

  • Promotion
  • Changes to role responsibilities
  • Responding to emergency events such as a pandemic
  • Key team changes
  • People going through difficult times

How long does it last?

Typically a short to medium-term commitment (up to six months).


Coaching to support longer development programmes

Helping people to make sense of what they’re learning on longer-term development programmes. Proven to enhance the success of learning.

How long does it last?

This is a short term commitment which wraps around the leadership development programme.   

If you’re looking for coaching for a number of people in your organisation, we can give you a selection of coaches to choose from. Get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

Free guide to executive coaching

Your guide to getting the most out of Executive Coaching in your business

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Developing leaders to confidently shape workplaces that enable people to do their best work.



Revitalise, energise and refocus your teams, helping them to work together more effectively.



Inspiring you to improve your ways of working, and unlocking your people’s potential.