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Resilient Leader

The Frank Leader – November

November (dates TBC)

The Frank Leader

Agility, Resilience, Innovation

About this programme

Leading others effectively, essentially drills down to two key skills; unlocking the talent that already exists in your business and learning to lead your people through change.

Change is and will continue to be a constant factor of leading businesses. Learning to navigate it, and take your people on a journey with you and through it is a survival skill for every leader.

This programme is designed for you, to equip you with everything you need to know to identify, chart a course and navigate through or around change, ensuring your people are on board, motivated and as determined as you to succeed.

Who is it for?

  • CEO’s, MD’s, Founders
  • Heads of Department
  • Solopreneurs, Business Owners, Founders
  • Senior Leaders
  • Change and Agile Managers
  • People Managers

The Benefits

  • Greater flexibility
  • Enhanced resourcefulness
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness around ways of working
  • More accountability and responsibility
  • Empowered teams
  • Improved creativity, innovation and problem solving
  • Better quality of relationships
  • Improved levels of trust and openness
  • Greater courage
  • More clarity

What you will learn

  • The only framework you will ever need to navigate change with others
  • Change and how it impacts our psychology
  • The neuroscience of change
  • How to unlock the most stubborn of individuals to embrace doing things differently (and what to do if they won’t)
  • How to get all your people onto the same page and stay there
  • The key phases of change and how to nurture your people through each stage
  • The essential boundaries of change
  • How to find more flow, agility and resourcefulness in your people


Dates will soon be launched and tickets released on eventbrite. Spaces are limited. To register your interest in this workshop, please email

Who’s running it?

This programme will be lead by Frankly’s founder Jennifer.

Jennifer became a manager in her 20’s and quickly realised she would need support if she was going to realise her potential to becoming a great leader.

She hasn’t stopped learning since.

She’s lead huge teams, micro teams, transformed broken teams to high-performing teams and loves nothing more than sharing the tools she believes you really need to be an effective leader and keep your sanity.

She holds two degrees one in business and one in Chinese medicine and has recovered from corporate burn-out. She’s well equipped and well experienced to help you find a way of shining your light without burning out!


  1. Do I have to do all five workshops? No you can complete as many or as few as you like. We’ve designed it as a pick and mix so you can select the workshops that most meet your current needs.
  2. How long are the workshops? Most of them are two days long. Those which are online are often split across multiple half days.
  3. Will I be tested as part of the workshop? No there is no testing in our open programme. This is quality time for you to learn. You will get as much or as little out of it as you decide. And obviously we hope you’ll come ready to get a lot out of it.
  4. Can I purchase multiple places? Yes we recommend bringing more people from your organisation so you can share what you learn within your own context. Discounts are available for multiple places. Email here to enquire.
  5. Can I have a discount if I want to come on all five or multiple workshops? We are always open to making our open programmes work financially for people, please email Jennifer to discuss.
  6. Can you run your programmes internally in our business? Yes in fact most of our work is in house leader development programmes. Drop Jennifer our founder an email and we’ll talk you through our process.
  7. What do you offer for those unable to come along financially? We want our programmes to be accessible by all but do have to cover our own costs. We offer two free places to charities for every open programme we run. We also have a pay it forward scheme where you can ask another organisation to pay for your place. If you want to discuss either of these options please email here.
  8. Is it academic? Our style of learning is very much experiential and practical. We are a common sense no nonsense approach learning provider. We will pull from academic theory and use frameworks and models, but we’ll also be adopting creative methods, utilising nature for inspiration and creating lots of time for quality reflection (which is where we believe the magic happens)
  9. Does it come with a qualification? We do not believe you need qualifications to be a great leader, we believe you need the tools and resources to get organised and focussed plus the self belief and support to unlock your own potential. Qualifications won’t offer you that.


Dates are above and tickets released on eventbrite. Spaces are limited. To register your interest in this workshop, or enquire about discounts on multiple tickets, please email

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