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working with us?

We’re not box-ticking kind of people. But a checklist is always helpful if you’re trying to decide whether to work with someone.


Our work is for you if…

  • You already understand your biggest asset is your people and your purpose
  • You genuinely care about the people in your organisation and want them to find work that fulfils them and helps them reach their potential
  • You know that if your people thrive, your business thrives
  • You understand that a powerful common purpose is an essential ingredient for making sure your people work together in an effective way
  • You already know culture eats strategy for breakfast

Sounds like you? Get in touch.

I know I need help, but where to start?

We can help with that. In fact it’s our preferred way of working.

We’ll start with a discovery process to better understand your organisation. We’ll delve into where you’ve come from, how you began, what it’s like working there and the future that’s facing you.

That way, whatever we design together, it will be fit for your reality and the future.

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How we work

Every person, team and organisation is different – and we design our work for your own unique circumstances. But here’s an overview of a typical process, so you can see if it feels right for you.

We typically work in phases, which allows us to pace the work and gives you time to review what you’ve learned and think about what’s working and what’s next.

1. Discover

A combination of one-to-one and group research to get under the skin of what’s working and what needs attention. This allows us to prioritise and lay the foundations to support any future work.

2. Design

We prefer to do this together. We’ll bring the inspiration, you bring the reality of what you know will work in your business – and the budget we’re working to.

3. Deliver

Our team gets busy delivering the work, with one of us staying close to whoever is contracting the work, to make sure that successes and themes are fed back into the system.

4. Review

Celebrating is such an important step. Together, we’ll review what we’ve learned, what works, what successes and breakthroughs we’ve seen, and what the next phase of work might be.

Sounds good?


Get in touch and we’ll get started on unleashing your potential.

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