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The Frank Leader Programme has been designed especially for you. We recognise what leaders need now, is different to what they’ve needed in the past. A no-nonsense, common sense approach to becoming more confident and effective. Our approach will resource and empower you with key tools and frameworks you need, whilst being deeply transformative to your self belief.

We believe all leaders should be supported with the tools to cultivate workplace cultures where people get to do their best work and never want to leave.

Join us for the one you feel you need the most, or all five. You decide! If booking multiple places or multiple programmes, please email Jennifer for discounts.

Strategic Leader

The Frank Leader Programme – March 

Tired of being reactive, responsive, operational and stuck in the weeds?

This workshop will give you the quality time you need to hit pause, step away from the busyness and the distractions and really work ON the business and the bigger picture.

You will get clear about the future potential of your business, what’s working and what isn’t. And you will leave knowing what you need to prioritise to ensure high performance and a happy workplace culture that people don’t want to leave.

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Authentic Leader

The Frank Leader Programme – May

Are you looking to re-spark or reignite your passion to lead your business and your people?

This workshop is for all the genuine, honest and hard-working leaders out there. Those tired of trying to fit into someone else’s expectation of how leadership should be.

This course is for you if you’re ready to unleash the full potential of you as a leader. Time to put on your own oxygen mask, enhance your energy, assert your leader DNA and start speaking your truth to be heard.

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Empowering Leader

The Frank Leader Programme – July

Your biggest asset is your people.

Leaders who learn how to unlock the potential of their people, are able to create more time, better performance, more innovation and less drama.

With an empowered and high performing team in place, leaders can invest less in recruitment and staff retention and more on growth and health.

Learning to empower others rather than micro-manage or rescue is the key to unlocking the talent that already exists in your business.

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Responsible Leader

The Frankly Leader Programme – September 

What does leading to prioritise people and planet actually look like?

If like many leaders, you feel overwhelmed at where to start with the impact your business has on the planet (and your role as a leader within that challenge), then this is the workshop for you.

Join us on this two day workshop as we bring you the cutting edge sustainability frameworks which are shaping the leadership of tomorrow. A leader who is capable and resourced to put people and planet first. You will leave inspired and empowered to create positive change in your organisation.

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Resilient Leader

The Frank Leader Programme – November 

The volume and pace of change is only going to continue to increase in our modern world.

Leaders must be able to forecast for it, navigate it when it happens and know how to take their people with them.

This two day workshop will give you and your leaders all the tools they need to navigate change with ease. It will give them the frameworks they need to build agile, flexible, resilient and high performing teams. As well as the resources they need to lead people effortlessly through difficult and challenging times.

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