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What’s it really like going on a one day workshop to learn meditation for leaders and managers?

We get asked this alot.  After all, it’s not common to see leadership and meditation in the same sentence. Certainly not yet, but it will be in the near future.

Leaders need to maintain a great amount of presence when dealing with the challenges that come to them on a day to day basis. Mediation is by far the easiest tool to add to your toolkit (and to practice) to support a more effective presence.   

So what should you expect if you come on one one of our meditation for leaders workshops? Read on to find out

A warm welcome

Imagine being greeted and settled in with a tea or a coffee… We know that coming to a meditation course can feel a bit ‘out there’ for some. We know you might turn up with some trepidation, not knowing what to expect. The first part of the day is to help you feel welcome and to settle in.

You’ll sit in a circle, on chairs… no meditation cushions, no difficult yoga poses, no AA meeting…  think effortless.

Jo will introduce the day telling you what to expect… then you’ll introduce yourself and say as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.  It would be lovely to hear why you’ve come, what attracted you, what you hope to get. And if you have any prior experience of meditation.

How does it work?

After introductions Jo will share with you some of her story with meditation, explaining clearly and simply how meditation works, what happens when we meditate, why meditate, the benefits, how this practice differs from others. She’ll invite your thoughts and observations to the discussion. 

Jo will keep relating it all back to leadership… skills, qualities, benefits.

Practice time

Before lunch Jo will teach the practice by taking you in and out of meditation a few times… 3 or 4 minute meditations for you to notice how you’re experiencing meditation.  She’ll answer any questions that come up.

You’ll experience a longer 10 minute meditation before lunch

Frequently asked questions and myth busting

After a leisurely lunch and some reflections on the morning, Jo will run through some of the frequently asked questions… What if I fall asleep? What if I get disturbed? What if I get a reaction I didn’t expect? As well as busting some of the myths that lurk around on this skill particularly in relationship to leadership.

Another chance to meditate, this time for 20 minutes

Life enhancing benefits

Jo will share with you some of the transformative benefits of the practice… shifts in behaviour you might notice over time.  And will close with a challenge to you to make it a regular practice for a month and see what you notice.

The day typically feels spacious and gentle, a gear change from the normal franticness of working life. A mini leadership retreat if you like, where you’ll also learn a new skill or gain a new practice to bring you some more space, ease, clarity and courage for your everyday life.

You will leave; lighter, more relaxed, empowered, clear headed, relieved and maybe you’ll make a new connection or two along the way.

About your facilitator, Jo

Jo has taught almost 500 people this practice over the past decade and this skill… this tool… is only getting more valuable in our increasingly busy and uncertain lives and it’s a game changer for leaders looking to lead effectively in this increasingly interchangeable world we live.