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Effective leadership requires good quality wellbeing and resilience

A leader who is frazzled, overwhelmed, stressed out, discombobulated, pulled in a million different directions… you get the gist… will never be able to give their team or their business 100%

Leadership wellbeing is at the core of our work. YOUR oxygen mask on first. Be the role model you wish you’d had. Be the role model you want to be for your team. Prioritise your physical mental and emotional wellbeing and you’ll be able to navigate the rest with more dignity and grace!

If you want to know if you or indeed your leaders are running a little stressed… then take our FREE stress test…by seeing how many of the checklist below you can tick!

(and if you want to know a good antidote to stressed leadership…scroll down)

Signs that you are stressed

Difficulty sleeping – feelings of anxietyDifficulty in delegating tasks
Difficulty in taking decisions – worryObsessive behaviour patterns
Poor memory – problems in concentrationReduced confidence – Feelings of lack of self-worth
Feelings of being overwhelmed – difficulty prioritisingUnrealistic escapist schemes – challenge with resilience
Feeling distant from a life partner or close friendsFeelings of apathy or frustration – feeling a lack of control
Quick temper – intoleranceWaking early and over thinking about work
Obsessional attention to detail in minor mattersDifficulty in relaxing at weekends/on holidays
Increasing alcohol/drug dependencyWorking late or taking work home  
Social withdrawalHeadaches, muscle pain, palpitations, fainting, tiredness, lack of energy

If you ticked more than three there is good news… our Mindful Leader programme is a one day reset workshop that will give you tools to tackle the majority of this list. You will learn how to meditate without the need for apps, gurus or tech. A tool you can use anytime, anywhere. Do it for five minutes or 50 minutes, it doesn’t matter (we recommend 20 minutes). The benefits from a regular practice are long and many, including improvements to the list above.

To find out more about our one day programme email to register your interest.