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Culture can feel like a slippery thing to pin down.

Like it or loathe it all workplaces have one, both consciously and unconsciously.

Cultures are made up of the behaviours, policies, procedures, ways of working for ‘the way things get done around here’. They can work for or against your business. And should be ignored at your peril!

If you want to read more about culture, what it is, why it’s slippery and how to ensure it’s working for your organisation, read this article in our library.

And if you’re looking for inspiration to enhance your workplace culture, here are five podcasts that we like to dip and out of on the topic of culture.

  1. The Culture Shift, Vicky Baars – For everything diversity and inclusion

2. Eat Sleep Work Repeat, Bruce Daisley – Expert on all things workplace culture and psychology

3. Where should we begin, Esther Perel – Cultures are formed through relationship, Esther is THE expert on relationship skills

4. Outrage and Optimism, Christiana Figueres – Sustainability is already impacting our workplaces – stay ahead or the fake news (and pragmatic) with this podcast by Former UN Chief.

5. Dare to Lead, Brene Brown – THE only expert to listen to on courage and vulnerability, key ingredients for successful workplace cultures.