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If you’ve read our ‘The Culture trap: Ten pitfalls and how to avoid them’ blog, then you might be left thinking, well what DO I do? Don’t fret, we are here to help!

Start here…

The first place to start is to get a snap shot of what it’s currently like working in your organisation. Now my advice, is that it’s always better to get someone independent in to do this. The obvious reason being that people are far more likely to open up to someone external than internal (especially if there are cultural issues and boundaries have been put in place around confidentiality with the external person). Secondly, someone external to your business will have absolutely zero agenda around your business (other than wanting to do a great piece of work for you). It’s also easier for them to get a sense of the themes emerging without getting distracted by any emotion the themes might surface. 

That said…. Perhaps you want to do a bit of a temperature check yourself first to see what you can gleam from your team about what’s working currently. 

Whether you do this anonymously, 121 or as a team event, is entirely up to you. They all come with different benefits and barriers. You will know your team better than I do, but if you’re stuck, give me a call and I’ll help you figure out a way forward. 

Ten questions to ask to temperature check your workplace culture 

  1. When you wake up on a morning, how do you feel about coming to work?
  2. What three adjectives describe what it’s like working here?
  3. Where (and with who) do you think the power sits in the business? How do decisions get made around here?
  4. How much of a voice do you think you have in this business? (and how much would you like to have?)
  5. Describe the leadership team in three words ? (and who do you think the leadership team includes?) 
  6. If you could change one thing about the way we work (to improve working here) what would it be?
  7. What if anything works about how we communicate? And how would you like to be communicated with ?
  8. How do you describe working here to your friends? 
  9. When things go wrong, what typically happens?
  10. What do you understand about our vision, values and company strategy? 

And I could go on… but these would serve you well as a starter for ten in getting a temperature check on your business. Then you can take the next step. You might be interested in our ‘How to enhance your culture’ blog.

Remember though, the safer people feel in your business, the more honest their responses will be. If there isn’t psychological safety I’d work on that first. Check out anything by Amy Edmondson who coined the term based on her research in hospitals and business improvement.  

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